Free Fencing Estimate
Are you on a budget, and need to know how much your fencing project is going to cost? How does a Free Fencing Estimate sound? Call us today to set up an appointment for your Free Estimate. We’re prepared to provide you with a fair and competitive¬†fencing estimate for fence installation or repair. All of our quotes are Free: no charge, no obligation, no hassle! That’s right, Free Fencing Estimate! Call us today to make an appointment!

Why do we offer a free estimate?

For many of our potential clients, a free estimate may seem like a manipulative tactic on our part. Actually, though, it’s quite the opposite! We provide free estimates as a courtesy for all potential customers, and we have a long list of reasons why we do so.

A Free Estimate is Courteous!

First of all, making customers pay for an estimate is a dishonest business tactic. Fencing companies who make customers pay for estimates are simply trying to get a commitment out of the consumer. When you have to pay for an estimate, you may feel obligated to go with that company for the full project. However, we at Topeka Fencing believe in earning our customers’ business through honest pricing and great service.

Price Comparing is Best

Free estimates allow our clients to price compare. With a project as big as fencing, you may want to look around for several different companies before settling on one. With free estimates, you won’t have to spend money to compare prices. We want our potential clients to be able to make an unbiased decision on who to hire for their fencing. That way, you’ll have the best possible experience while your fencing project is happening.

Avoid Sticker Shock!

One of the main problems in large construction projects is the initial shock of pricing. Fencing can be expensive, and we always want our customers to be prepared for the price of our services. Our estimates help our clients know what to expect. We provide detailed, itemized quotes for every one of our services. If you receive a free estimate, you can easily tell what is more expensive and what’s more cost effective. When we customize your fence, you can know what to do to save money where you need to.

Every Customer is Unique

At the end of the day, you can’t get a true feel for pricing without a personalized estimate. Our specialty at Topeka Fencing is customizable material, so we can help you find the projected cost of your specific project easily. All you have to do is contact us to receive a free estimate for your next fencing project! We hope we can help you obtain the fence of your dreams. Call Topeka Fencing today for a fence that will last for decades and effectively protect your property!

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