Professional Fence Installation Topeka KS

Professional Fence Installation in Topeka KS!

If you are looking for a fencing contractor, who provides Professional Fence Installation, in the Topeka, Kansas area, look no further. Topeka Fencing is the team for all of your fencing projects. We specialize in Professional Fence Installation for all kinds of fencing. For example, a wrought iron fence adds a touch of beauty to any home, as well as provide a safe place for children and pets. Our wrought iron fences are top of the line and affordable. Furthermore, at Topeka Fencing, we only use the best materials with one the most experienced professionals on staff. Wrought iron holds up well to the elements; it’s a tough material that is malleable and can be used to create unique fencing for your home. Also, wrought iron fences appear stylish and strong. More importantly, wrought iron fencing lends itself to classic and modern design.

Topeka Fencing offers custom designs and Professional Fence Installation of wrought iron fencing, wood privacy fencing, chain link fence, ornamental aluminum fence, and vinyl fencing for residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout Topeka, KS, and surrounding area.

 Professional Fence Installation & Repair Specialists in Topeka KS!

  • Gate Repairs – If your gate isn’t opening or closing properly, get in touch with Topeka Fence. Our technicians can inspect your gate system and provide you with the necessary repairs to restore its functionality.
  • Chain Link Fence Repairs – Our standard of excellence ensures that your chain link fence will be repaired to complete working order once again. For fencing that is warped or damaged in any way, get in touch with Topeka Fence.
  • Ornamental Fence Repairs – A damaged or broken ornamental fence can reduce the beauty and the security of your property. We offer full repairs to restore the look and functionality of your aesthetic fencing – you can count on us.
  • Wrought Iron Fence Maintenance – Is your wrought iron fence looking dingy and rough? Call Topeka Fence and we can perform the proper maintenance to get your fence looking as good as new. Power washing services included.

Need Repair Service At Your Home or Business?

For those who have a pre-existing fence but have recently experienced damage to it, we can come out and inspect the integrity and condition. Often time vehicle damage and storm damage can cause the worse damage to fences. Metal will bend and contort while wood will splinter and snap. Call the crew at Topeka Fence for a free inspection and estimate for fence repairs.

If you are interested in a replacement, we would be happy to discuss options to haul off your pre-existing fence at no cost or a buy-back plan in which we purchase your old fence. We are very flexible and are eager to work with our Topeka neighbors.

Call today 785-329-1184 or contact us using the form on this page to schedule a free consultation!

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